The goal of creating a brand is to tell the world who you are while making a lasting impression. Your logo lays the foundation for your brand, but it’s only the first piece of the branding puzzle. That’s why brand guidelines exist.



The guidelines should outline the entire “image” of your brand by including:


  • Logo Application
    A logo will have different versions (i.e. a horizontal version or a stacked version) and it’s important to know when and how to use one over the other.


  • Logo Derivatives
    Some brands have accompanying patterns or symbols and their applications need to be established.


  • Color
    A color palette for your brand includes colors that exist in your actual logo, along with supplemental colors as well.


  • Fonts & Type Styles
    Fonts that are complimentary to your logo will enhance your brand. Using the approved size, color and hierarchy will ensure legibility in all applications.


  • Sample Layouts
    Establishing a layout for an advertisement and/or email signature will allow you to see a sample of your brand in use.


Make Your Life Easier
If this seems like more information than you, a non-designer would ever need, having these guidelines will definitely make your life easier! They serve as a manual for anyone you work with in the future. If you ask us at Neiter Creative to create a brochure for you the guidelines will already be established, thus requiring less design time on our end. If you are publishing an ad in a magazine, the publication can successfully create the ad for you by following your established brand guidelines.


Consistency is Key
Guidelines ensure that any collateral created in the future will still be aligned with your brand. By staying consistent with your brand usage, consumers will start to associate your business with a certain style. This is a win-win because when they think of your business they will think of the image you thoughtfully produced. At the same time, when they see things that remind them of your style they will think of your business. In essence, consistency fosters brand recognition.



The Details Matter
By showing that you’ve put thought to even the smallest of details, you are taking your brand to a new level of professionalism. Your customers/clients/etc. will surely notice you are going above and beyond, helping you stand out among your competitors.

Here’s a preview of brand guidelines we’ve made for some of our lovely clients:


If you’re interested in seeing corporate brand guidelines, check out some of our favorites: GoogleUniversity of California BerkeleyAsanaAnimal Planet & Macaroni Grill.

For more questions or to create brand guide for your business contact us at Neiter Creative!