Our Founder

Jo Neiter received her degree in Graphic Design from Loyola University New Orleans. All of her family members are artists — from painting & woodworking to architecture. She likes to say that design is in her blood and jokes that “boss life ain’t easy”.

Jo started her career in stationery design, then stepped into a marketing roll before continuing her career in graphic design. She decided to start Neiter Creative, because she wanted the opportunity to work with clients and brands she believed in.

Jo also prides herself on being a mother to her daughter, Violet, and loves the opportunity to work with other entrepeneur moms out there!

Our Process

Your brand is your voice and the face of your business. We specialize in branding, web and print design. Good design is conceptual and engaging. Great design is also timeless. Neiter Creative always strives to produce work of the highest caliber that exceeds your expectations. The name of our founder is on every piece of work we create. This is our promise to our customers that we will strive to produce products and services that will proudly define our company as well as yours.

The first step is a consultation with Jo, our founder, about which of our services can help grow your business. The second thing we do is help harness your inspiration. Then we work to translate that into something beautiful and functional for you.




It is so much more than just a logo… it is the face and voice of your business. Neiter Creative offers a variety of branding packages to accommodate a variety of businesses from small start-ups to larger established companies. Our branding services include:

    • logo design
    • branding guidelines
    • signage
    • creative direction
    • promotional products

Web Services

A professional and beautiful web presence is so crucial for your business. Neiter Creative produces fully responsive and custom websites that are tailored to your brand’s voice, products and services. Building a unique design with exceptional functionality, helps your company increase conversions and overall traffic, leading to more business. We understand that the user experience on your website is a great way to set the tone for your brand, build new customer relationships and improve communication with current customers. When someone lands on your page they need to say “Wow!” Utilizing our website services can help you achieve your wow factor.

    • website design
    • SEO improvement
    • Blogging and social media consultations

Print Design

Picking the right paper, size, weight, finishes and printing techniques can be so daunting. With our custom stationery and print design services take the stress out of the equation. We help you find all the components needed to leave people saying “oh my God!” when you hand them a business card.

    • business cards
    • letterheads & envelopes
    • notecards
    • brochures
    • industry specific goods (product tags, shopping bags, etc.)


The Team

Jo Neiter

Founder & Creative Director

Becky Blumberg

Senior Graphic Designer

Michelle Tarallo

Head of Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy