Sizing Photos for Web: A 5-Step Guide12.18.2018

You might’ve heard people mention “sizing images” before adding them to their site, but what does that mean? Why is it important for the quality of your site, experience of the viewer and your SEO standing?

Why do it?

When image files are too big it can overwhelm your browser and slow down the performance of your site. According to Google, most sites lose half their users while loading. Your website speed also effects your SEO. If search engines think your website is too slow then they won’t suggest it to users. All of this is why it’s crucial to optimize your images. Optimizing images is just a fancy term for decreasing the file size of your photos


How to do it


So first and foremost you need an image editing software like Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop then there are multiple resizing tools online. Here’s a list of some popular options. Open your program of choice.


If you’re adding photos to a blog or any page where the dimensions won’t disrupt the webpage design then YAY you can skip this step. Otherwise the next step is to figure out the dimensions of the photos on your website. For example if you’re adding to an image slider, then you need to know the dimensions of the photos that fit in that slider.

The way you can figure this out is with your browser’s inspect tool (or by taking a screenshot of your site and measuring the image proportions in Photoshop). Double those dimensions to ensure your images stay crisp.

To inspect your page, right click on your website in Google Chrome and click “Inspect”. Here’s a screenshot example of what you might see.


If you’re using an online photo-sizing tool, then follow the instructions provided and the dimensions you’ve found. If using Photoshop, then create a new file with the dimensions and these other requirements


Place your photos in the template you’ve created and crop them as needed.


When you finish select File > Export > Save for Web. Then make sure you select these options before hitting “Save”

There you go! Enjoy your beautiful, super efficient website.


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