Serif Central… My Favorite Serifs


In the battle of serif vs. sans serif I consider myself neutral. I love both and do not discriminate, but I do pick my favorites…

Are you asking yourself what a serif font is? Serif fonts have feet or lines that anchor them. The popular belief is that letter outlines were painted onto stones and then carved. The carvers followed the painted letterforms which had similar flourishes at the ends. Thus, serif fonts came to life. Below is a list of some of my favorite fonts and links to where they can be purchased.

Old Standard is new to the game but beautiful! It was created with web design in mind. You can see Old Standard in use on the website designed by Neiter Creative at You can download Old Standard for free at

Modern No. 216 was designed in the 80s but there is nothing disco about it. This font says high-fashion to me. Modern No. 216 makes bold statements with its exaggerated curves and slick feet. It is furthered by it’s contrasting slender and thick lines. It is sleek and sexy. Yes, I said it.. Sexy fonts are a thing. You can purchase Modern No. 216 at

Bodoni is an oldie but a goodie… I love this font. Bodoni can be seen in classic logos such as Vogue and the original Calvin Klein. Bodoni has been interpreted by many different design houses who have come out with their own variation on the classic font. The hairline serif style of this font’s letters is known as Didone. Bodoni and many of its variations can be found on

Cellini is a font that I recently purchased. Cellini has more delicate feet than the previously mentioned sans serifs. They are not too curved or sharp, but rather delicate. This font has a classic feel despite its relatively newfound position in the world. You can purchase Cellini at and highly recommend that you do so!

Let me know what your favorite fonts are! I am always looking for something new — or old!


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