Seahawks vs Patriots… the Logo Match-up


Logos are the first thing I notice and think about in almost every situation. A good logo has the ability to convince me that buying a carton of eggs for 5.99 is a good idea, because the eggs must be as great as the packaging.. Right? I am equally guilty when it comes to picking wine. If the label is not good, no matter how delicious the wine is, I will not consider buying it. My own personal Law of Exceptional Logos and Branding is one that I live by.

The ONLY time this rule does not apply is when it comes to NFL Football. I absolutely love football and I am a die-hard Ravens fan who also has love for the Saints. Logos mean nothing to me all season long, all that matters is complete domination for the Ravens or the Saints. When my favorite NFL teams don’t make it to the Super Bowl, I first wallow in depression. Then when I am able to watch ESPN without flashbacks of the Ravens painful loss to the Patriots, I start to think about who to pick as the Super Bowl victor in 2015. With the pain still fresh, it is fair to say I will be cheering for the Seattle Seahawks tonight. However, if my feelings were not biased I would go back to My Law of Exceptional Logos and Branding to make the decision. Step 1 of the decision making process would be to know the back-story of each of the logos.

The New England joined the American Football League in 1960. The name was picked by 74 fans who wrote in requesting the name, the Patriots. The original logo of a revolutionary soldier’s hat only lasted for one year. The next logo of a patriot hiking a football stood strong until 1993. It was penned by the Boston Globe cartoonist, Phil Bissel, who was paid a whopping $100 for his work according to USA Today. The “Flying Elvis” logo you will see tonight reflects the shape of a flag blowing in the wind. It is unclear who created this logo (if you know, please tell me in the comments). The original script of the new logo made it look like an MLB logo, but the current strong font embodies the feel of a classic NFL logo.

In 1976 Seattle looked to it’s fan-base to name their team and the winning name of the Seahawks was selected. The logo design has stayed much the same from the beginning. In the sea of bird logos that are in the NFL, the Seahawks logo holds it’s own. In 2012 Nike took over the design of the uniforms and also added the neon green accent to the navy and white logo. The addition of the neon green made for a more modern eye-catching appearance that stands out against every opponent. The uniforms are also trimmed with the neon color and are arguably the best uniforms in the NFL.

Let’s hope the game tonight is as close as this logo match-up. Although both logos are great, the victor in this game has to be the Seahawks. Their logo stands out amongst all the logos in the NFL with a very contemporary feel.


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