Sans Serif & Sans Make-up


Today I am immersed in sans serifs and working happily sans make-up. Both feel refreshing. You should try it. As women we are pressured to put on foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner; the list goes on. I do enjoy getting dolled up and rocking some fun make-up but on some days you just want to give sans f*cks about it. As I am in a “sans” mood, I decided it would be fitting to break down what a sans serif is.

Sans serifs are the fonts that prefer to keep it casual unlike their classic counterpart, the serif. The literal meaning is “without serif.” The book, Lettering & Type by Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals describes the sans serif beautifully:”Transitional sans serif fonts… were developed as advertising display type, based on the work of contemporary sign painters. While the letter forms are similar to serif forms, most of the handwritten qualities are missing, giving transitional sans serifs a more detached, functional quality.” Below is a list of some of my favorite sans serifs, as well as links to where you can purchase them.

Neuzeit Grotesk was designed in 1932 by Wilhelm C. Pischner. I recently came accross this font on They described the font as “modest, clean, linear and geometric,” and it is just that. I love it and used it in the above concept for one of my client’s. Art Portfolio Inc. You can purchase Neuzeit Grotesk here.

Photo credit to the DVF Spring Ad Campaign.

Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk is very similar to Neuzeit Grotesk but it has less rounded curves. You can especially see the difference in the ‘G’s, ‘R’s and ‘P’s. I used this font just a few days ago in a logo refresh project for my client, Cakewalk. You can purchase this font at

Futura might be my favorite font. I love how rounded and geometric it is. You can almost see the circles and angles that were used to construct the font. My logo design for Meg Lonergan Interiors is a great example of how Futura can be used to further the modernity of a brand. “LONERGAN” is the portion of the logo that utilizes the Futura font. You can buy the Futura family at

There are so many great sans serifs out there! So stay tuned for more font ideas and let me know your favorites below.


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