Mailchimp Rebrand – The Power of Good Design10.29.2018

Businesses rebrand all the time and great design sites like Brand New review them for us. It’s rare though, for a brand to shake the ground in the“Design World” as much as Mailchimp’s latest rebrand.

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform. As with most big companies, their branding has been through a few phases already. Back when they were a simple startup in 2001 they started with a cursive wordmark and a schoolhouse style rendering of their monkey mascot, Frederick von Chimpenheimer. Freddie, who even looks like he has grown up, now wears a cheeky grin and a much bigger hat.

Mailchimp Logo Freddie Evolution

Over time their old pastel color palate grew up and changed to rich primary colors. Now their palate consists of just two swatches, Cavendish Yellow and Peppercorn. The brand is very focused on illustration, animation and photography. All these elements make their content much more engaging.

Mailchimp rebrand animation

What’s The Same?

Mailchimp has always strived to appear approachable. They are informal, they make jokes, but they still get down to business.

If you’ve never taken a look at a corporate style guide, they are incredibly thorough. Mailchimp’s guide includes a massive section about the company voice with sections like “Writing Goals and Principles”, “Voice and Tone” “Writing for Social Media” etc. They discuss the type of humor they go for as well as priorities. To quote their style guide, “Mailchimp’s tone is usually informal but it’s always more important to be clear than entertaining.”

Mailchimp Rebrand Content Style Guide Quote

What Changed?

The main font that Mailchimp uses is Cooper Light, a thinner version of Cooper Black, a very classic font you’ve probably seen many times before.

Mailchimp rebrand Cooper Black Light Font In Use

This thin version is more readable and better suited for body text. This font choice also adds nostalgia while still bringing something new to the table. A lot about this rebrand is also reminiscent of books you may have read as a kid, specifically Curious George and the works of Shel Silverstein.

Mailchimp Rebrand Similarities Curious George Shel Silverstein

What’s New?

We don’t often see big brands use rough hand sketches and eccentric illustrations the way Mailchimp has done. The wild subject matter expresses the brand’s quirkiness as well as themes of teamwork and human connection. Of course since it’s Mailchimp there’s also some humor thrown in too.

Overall this rebrand is extremely refreshing to see in a world full of muted color palettes and clean, flat designs.

Mailchimp Rebrand Bird Animation

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