New Year, Same Grind


Though we all have our own goals for the New Year, I believe our accomplishments from 2016 are equally as exciting to think about and be thankful for. The past twelve months have been a crazy, fun, productive time at Neiter Creative. From a new studio brand to a healthy new baby, we’ve had our hands full with all the changes and excitement that comes with the steady expanse of a small business.

We’ve got to talk about one of Jo’s greatest accomplishments yet: Violet McKenna Neiter! There is no better example of womanpower than being pregnant while growing a successful business, so witnessing Jo do it was like being around a superhero for nine months!

Another long-earned accomplishment of the year was a full re-brand of the studio. This was an amazingly fun project, which urged us to think about the company through a new pair of eyes and really create an identity to keep in place as we grow larger.

We have also doubled our client base this year. Meeting and working with people from several different professional areas is honestly one of the coolest parts of branding, and we can’t wait to see who we will have the privilege to work with this year. Certainly with such an increase, we’ll need more space to accommodate!

I’ll wrap up this post with a little 2017 update — Neiter Creative is moving into our very first brick-and-mortar location very soon! Keep up with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details as our official opening date approaches!



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