New Office Design + Decor04.04.2017

We have officially moved into the new office and we’re starting the process of decorating. As a design and branding agency we want our office style to reflect who we are as designers while giving our new clients great first impressions. Of course it also has to be a comfortable place that we love spending time in. Our white walls and bright natural light are the perfect blank palette.

We are still working on finalizing the design, but here are a few ideas…

The Beverly Desk from our favorite Houston furniture store High Fashion Home was Jo’s desk in her home office before we moved and it also looks great in the new space. It’s bold, structured, and modern, and the only piece we currently have in there now. We plan to use it as an anchor and design around it.

On busy days, we need all the zen we can get, so we plan on adding a ton of greenery to the office. We just ordered a Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree from Houston Interior Plants to do just that.

We went with this Rove Concepts White Lacquer Tulip Table for our conference room. We love the simple white design that will go with the rest of our white office furniture.

We already have two of these modern, minimalist Tobias Chairs from IKEA. They are stylish and affordable and the perfect compliment to the the conference table.

These Veuve Clicquot Champagne glasses are the perfect way to add some color to our white shelves. They will also come in handy when we decide to pop a bottle to two!

Image Sources: High Fashion Home, Greenery NYC, Rove Concepts, IKEA, Etsy


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