Happy (almost) Holidays!10.16.2017

Happy (almost) Holidays! Don’t forget to beat the rush and order your holiday client gifts! Lead-time can be 4-6 weeks for production and no one wants to get stuck paying rush fees!

It is so key to be giving client gifts that people want and will not just throw away. Is it insta-worthy? Does it make them smile? Does it make them laugh? You need to get a reaction! Remember to keep it personal and stay unique to you and your business. What would you want? What would make you happy? That is always the best way to begin. American Express says: “Rather than sending standard customer appreciation gifts, consider customizing your gifts. You can use insights you gain from your interactions with loyal customers to personalize your gestures of appreciation.”

At Neiter Creative our entire staff loves a good graphic tee. We also have a love of rap music. So it seemed obvious that the two needed to mesh. The outcome was our “Boss life ain’t easy” Tees.

Holiday gift giving Facts

1. More than 75% of companies are giving holiday gifts to there clients

2. Of the companies who do give gifts to clients, the average give 116 to current customers and 76 gifts to prospective customers

3. The primary goal of gift giving is to express your customer appreciation & to generate brand awareness.

4. Client gifts are a tax write off.


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