Grace Pilates + Yoga

Owners Alix and Brigitte of Grace Pilates + Yoga studio in New Orleans brought us on for a full branding package including logo design, website design, and creative direction for photos.

Our brand concept for Grace:
According to the Farmer’s Almanac the Rue flower represents Grace. Also in the literary world it is known as the been called “herb-of-grace.” We also couldn’t help but notice that the word Rue has ties to Nola. ‘Rue’ means ‘street’ in French and is seen on all the street signs in the Quarter. Then although it is spelled differently a Roux is also the base for all creole cooking. With all the symbolic ties to Grace and New Orleans we decided to make a mandala of the Rue flower. A mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

Interior Designer: Valerie Legras Atelier