A Few of our Favorite Things


With the holiday season in full swing, we at Neiter Creative feel the need to shout-out some of our favorite things and places around town. Maybe one of these is just what you need to treat any lingering end of year stress you may have:

The Dunlavy

One of the best places to get work done or to meet up with a client. This is basically the high end treehouse of Houston.


A new store in River Oaks that sells affordable clothes that are the perfect transitional pieces for me as a new mama. They have simple pieces that are comfortable and look like a million bucks.

La Croix…

For all the obvious reasons. Good for the office, when we want to sip something fizzy, without all the sugar.

Happy Feet Massage

everyone is so kind and you will get the best massage of your life at an unbelievable rate.

Milk & Cookies

Because whether you are having a bad day or a really good day… there is nothing better to top it off with. BEST COOKIES EVER.

Site Inspire

Such a great site for inspiration on new web design projects.

Galano Grotesque

New favorite font. We love the quietness and light feel of each glyph’s geometric shape.

Pantone Colors Children’s Book

Because its amazing that Pantone understands its never too early for a little color theory (especially for Jo’s little girl)! Go design!

Rothko Chapel

No matter the day, the Rothko Chapel on the Menil campus is always there as a place of peace and quiet. We love the being surrounded by those color field paintings. Such a good place to just take a break from everything.

Sundance Cinemas

Located in Downtown, this place is perfect whether you want to check out the latest blockbuster or a screening of a foreign film. We love Sundance for their on-point interior design, roomy theaters, and snack bar/ actual bar. This is a more upscale take on the average movie theater.


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